1. Stylish Finishes


Along with functional finishes that are waterproof and hard-wearing, treat yourself to some luxe finishes to bring some life to the space. You can use the same tiles as your bathroom for cohesion and subtle stylish statement. Stylish tapware is an affordable way to add some class to the laundry also.  Goose-neck taps are completely on-trend at the moment and are perfect for laundries with their functionality.  Tiled splashbacks are an increasingly popular choice as a way of adding some personality to the space also.


2. Go large with the Sink.


A large sink is a must have to allow for multi-purpose uses, like soaking and hand-washing clothes.  Oversized butler sinks are a good solution that brings instant classic style to the laundry. Our design team can help you find the best option for your budget and sense of style.

3. Smart Storage Space.


Give yourself the right amount of storage with functional cupboard space and shelving for cleaning products, linen etc. Include cubby holes or space in your joinery for laundry bags/baskets to help keep the laundry (and your home somewhat organised!). You can even go as far as space for multiple laundry bags so your washing is sorted as you go. Stylish laundry baskets can be a feature in themselves also.


4. Consider Sliding Doors.


In the absence of enough space for a whole room, sliding doors are an increasingly popular choice that can be a stylish statement in themselves. Some house designs go as far as to include the laundry in a covered outdoor area, closed off with a sliding door. This allows for direct ventilation and access to an outside clothesline.


5. Layout and Appliances


With the usual limit on space, you need to be smart with layout and design. Hanging your dryer on the wall is a good easy win and you may like to consider a 2-in-1 washer and dryer. Try not to compromise too much on bench space, you will not regret maximising room for sorting and folding laundry and cleaning etc. Our design team can use their experience and eye for stylish design to help you with this.

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