1. Install Pull-out Cupboards


For smaller kitchen spaces, having enough cabinet and drawer space is a major challenge. Having cabinets with pull-outs can make all the difference.  Pull-out trays where you can keep your plates, bowls, cups, and other dinnerware are an excellent solution. These pull-out trays can also be installed in drawers to give you more space for flatware and utensils. Talk to our design team they have a host of options they can recommend for your space and budget.

2. Keep Things Concealed


A small one-wall kitchen doesn’t need to be the focal point — especially when you working with a small apartment space. Install folding doors or panels to close it up (and hide clutter) when it’s not in use.

3. Keep Things Cohesive


Our kitchen design team cannot stress this enough. Even small spaces can look sleek and well put together. You need to get the right combination of materials to pull this off however, it is definitely, a case of “less is more” as to not add unnecessary clutter. Going for panel ready appliances that match your cabinetry is also a good idea to maintain a minimalist look.

4. Peninsula and L-Shape


A Peninsula layout has an extra counter that extends from a U-Shape kitchen, maximising preparation space and providing the option of adding stools and a breakfast bar. An L-shape places the counters along two perpendicular walls and makes use of just one corner leaving the rest of the space open. Both of these layouts are the recommended options for maximsing open space in a small kitchen.

5. Consider an Under-mount Sink


Making the most of your countertop space is the number one goal when renovating a smaller kitchen. One way to go about doing this is to go for an under-mount sink, which allows your countertops to run all the way to the edge of your sink, giving you several additional inches of extra countertop space when compared to a traditional sink. They are also becoming a popular trend in higher-end kitchens, so another tick for keeping things on-trend.

6. Open Shelves


Open shelves provide extra storage space and can make the kitchen feel more spacious compared to dominant upper cabinetry. A top finishing tip is to arrange bowls and mugs by colour, so everything feels cohesive and less cluttered – you’d be surprised the big difference subtle touches can make in a small space.

7. Lighten Up


Whiter naturally means brighter for your small space while dark tones can be overwhelming and make the space automatically feel cramped – not what you want! Lighter tones with some light wood accents can give your space a bright, fresh look that won’t date.


Looking for more assistance in overcoming the challenges of your small kitchen renovation? Our design team is ready and waiting!