1. The Position Of Power Points


The position of power points and light switches is a critical aspect to consider early on in planning. Think about where you would want to position your kettle and slow cooker etc., usually to one side of the benchtop is practical opposed to central. In today’s tech-driven world, a designated place to charge electronic devices is a given. Charger stations and power outlets can be hidden with a pop-up unit on the island also, speak to our design team about the best options for your plans.


2. Tapware


Tapware is one of the most overlooked items of new kitchen designs. With all of the focus on larger aspects of your new kitchen quite often people then go and buy a cheap tap that doesn’t suit the style of the kitchen. Your tap will end up being one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. People tend to cost save on the finishing touches; however, there is not a huge variance in the cost of a good quality tap and a sub-standard one.


3. The Height Of Your Bench Top


There are standard go-to heights for benchtops – our design team can guide you on this. You want to get the height right for you personally as well as future home-owners. Nobody wants to be stooped over a low bench or working on one that is too high for that matter also!


4. Choose Your Appliances Early


It is essential to choose your appliances early in the process, so the designers can help you plan your new kitchen around these. Placement of your refrigerator needs to be designed for easy access. A double door opposed to traditional style can make a big difference in your space. It is helpful if you can share functional needs with your designers. For example, what height you would prefer for your microwave, are you thinking under bench, a wall or free-standing oven?


5. Lighting Placement


A good lighting plan can make a huge difference to the functionality and look of your new kitchen. Lighting above the island can enhance the look hugely, while lighting above the backbench and workspaces are important practical considerations. LED strip lights, today are a feature used to look good as well as help to light cooktops and working spaces.


Our design team will happily guide you through your planning process!