Our Top 5 Picks for Kitchen Trends in 2023.


1. Colour

Fortunately, we see a beautiful range of warm and deep colours coming through in 2023. This is perfect for those wanting to pair these colours with your Nordic, Urban or Contemporary style. We predict the soft sandy tones, deep greens and blues making their way back into kitchens for 2023.

2. Natural Materials

There is a huge demand for more natural sustainable materials in the market and that’s just what 2023 will bring us. We predict a few new sustainable products coming through from our suppliers, the natural-imitation material options will help you achieve this look for a fraction of the cost. One of our suppliers Universal Granite –  have recently released a new engineered stone exclusive to New Zealand called Compac Obsidiana, made from 100% recyclable glass – expect to see more sustainable efforts coming through over this next year!


3. Open Shelving

This is an area to have fun with – open shelving is a trend here to stay and we love the idea of showcasing your plants, vases and collectable pieces. We recommend only displaying a few special items which help enhance the style of the room so as not to give the feeling of clutter. It is easy to get carried away and have too many items displayed on your open shelves. Remember the golden rule – less is more.


4. Metal Textures

We are seeing a growing demand for metal framing, splashbacks and structures used in kitchens and we believe this trend will continue in 2023. The combination of materials is fast becoming a popular trend and it is one we believe will be here for a while. The use of metal finishes brings a very industrial, sophisticated element to your design and gives the kitchen a feeling of quality and durability.


5. Design

Designers constantly need to evolve to accommodate the growing use of smart technology in kitchens. Your seamless integrations require careful layout considerations, while keeping the focus on functionality. We predict further technology growth and use in kitchens this year to provide smarter storage and user solutions.


Be sure to book a free consultation in the new year with our design team!  We can help you identify more options for achieving your dream kitchen, that is both on-trend and a timeless style that won’t date!

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Featured image project:
Builder: Toitoi Residential
Architect: Immersion Architecture