There is no hiding the fact that prices across each industry are rising. We (like all others in the industry) are experiencing increased costs for freight charges, labour, materials and hardware. Most suppliers will hold off passing these increased costs onto their customers for as long as possible, but sooner or later you will see prices increase.

We are diving into the developing effects inflation is having on our industry and giving you some take home tips when choosing your products.



Tip #1

Ordering your products in advance could be one way to secure the price you see today. If you are concerned about any of your chosen fixtures increasing in price, then you could purchase and store these yourself to use in your project when the time comes. Please keep in mind we cannot be used as a storage unit so if your job is a year or even months away, we cannot provide the option to order materials too far in advance. Once your job is confirmed and ready to proceed to manufacture, we ask our clients to place a deposit so we can place orders on your behalf – this helps both secure the items at the right price and saves everyone from any disappointment!


Tip #2

Increasing delivery delays are a major disruption to both you (the client) and us (the manufacturer). We have been experiencing delays on certain board colours and special products which can alter final decisions and delay install dates on projects. We suggest speaking with your designer about the products/ colours you are wanting for your kitchen as soon as possible so they can check the availability and find alternatives should any issues arise.


Tip #3

To reduce costs on your next project, speak to your designer about what elements of your design are costing the most and if there are alternative products or materials that can minimise the final price.


If you are looking for advice or a quote to kick start your project, make an appointment with our talented design team and they will be happy to guide you!