Our Top 5 Picks for Kitchen Trends in 2024.


1. Ergonomic Kitchens

This sweet emerging trend makes a lot of sense! We are seeing more and more clients leaning towards the traditional design of kitchens with the focus being the cooking area and less discreet appliances. In the past few years people have been home more than ever and the focus to create a comfortable cozy home has increased. The minimalist design is not going anywhere. however the need for a more ergonomic kitchen to suit your lifestyle is a growing demand.


2. Lighting

We have seen the low hanging pendant lights over the island for many years however we are now starting to see a shift to new creative lighting solutions. The beautiful clean lines that strip lighting gives us is a trend here to stay, this not only helps the eyes when cooking but can also help create a mood once the kitchen has closed up for the night. Lighting gives you the ability to adjust the mood and tone of your kitchen with the flick of a switch! We have seen some clients use beautiful lamps on their island to create that relaxed environment – leaning back to the ergonomic homely kitchen.

We expect to see more lighting options coming through this year!

3. Deep Colour

Warm, bold, and beautiful. The deep blues, greens and browns are trending colours that bring a confident statement to each kitchen they are showcased in. When using cabinetry rich in colour you add so much warmth to the design. To create a grounding space we suggest using the darker colours for the base units and opening up the space with lighter on top, however when using one bold colour for both upper, lower and tall cabinetry this can also have an amazing overall impact.


4. Communal Areas

We are seeing a growing demand for communal eating areas that tie into the kitchen, whether it be a dining table extending from the island or a window bench seat for separate dining. The connected living space and areas for family to gather and spend time together is a requirement from many clients today. After the past few years of being isolated in our homes we are seeing a need for connected spaces more than ever.


5. Movement in Materials

This is a fun one! We look forward to seeing new materials coming through in 2024 to create texture and movement in your kitchen designs. One of our clever suppliers Dezignatek has created a range of stunning profile panels that can be used as feature island back panels, tall panels and add a unique touch to your ordinary cabinetry fronts. Not only do we see movement coming through in panels but also the curved benchtops are proving to still be a popular choice and we predict this trend will continue through to 2024.


We encourage you to book a free consultation with our design team!  We can help you identify more options for achieving your dream kitchen, that is both on-trend and a timeless style that won’t date!

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