Let’s start by giving a simple answer – a standard kitchen will normally take 1-2 days to install, however, this is a very rough answer. There are a few different variables that can really alter the time it takes to have a completed kitchen install.

If you have chosen a laminate top this will work in your favour for a quick install as this can be done at the same time as your joinery. Usually, the delay in a fully completed install will be the time it takes to have your stone top templated and installed – this can add a further 2-3 weeks on top of your cabinetry install. Further to your benchtop install, if you are getting a custom splashback installed this will also need to be templated after your benchtops are in – adding on a further 2-3 weeks. The combination of stone tops and custom splashbacks can be quite an inconvenient length of time however once those two are in, you will be pleased at the impact they have on your kitchen design.

Teamwork makes the dream work – having two installers onsite can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to finish your job. A kitchen and scullery we did a few months ago took two of our installers close to a week to install – imagine the time it would have taken a single installer. If your job is large our project managers may allocate two installers.

Keep in mind there will be the odd occasion where items need to be remade and refitted. Installers will try their best to align and cut down anything onsite however, sometimes this is not possible, and materials will need to be remade back at the factory. As disruptive as this is, rest assured your joiner will be doing everything they can to get this turned around quickly and fitted back in your kitchen to complete the job.


We hope this gives you an understanding of (some) of the different variables that can affect the length of your install. Our project managers will keep you updated along the way, so you know what to expect from your install.