1. Style

In all kitchens, the products chosen set the style of the room. We want to try keep this nice and simple by choosing a few of the most popular styles and build on these style principles.

The Contemporary style is a very sophisticated subtle style with clean lines and simple features, generally the handles would be sleek and minimalist looking.
We also have the popular Urban style which contains more unique handles, an example of this would be an overlay handle in a gunmetal finish.
We finally have the Nordic style which like the Contemporary is very minimalist, often these kitchens would be handleless however there are some clients who will add their own touch to this style by adding a subtle handle to compliment their other accessories. Speak to our design team about how to incorporate your own style into the kitchen.


2. Functionality

There should be reasons around your handle choice when it comes to function and what you want to achieve from your kitchen layout. Our design team can help guide you on making the best choice of handle for the function of your kitchen.


3. Quality

Is it possible to have quality handles that won’t break the bank?! The simple answer is yes! There are many affordable options when it comes to quality handles. Our designers will only recommend products we stand behind in quality so you can have confidence that your handles will stand the test of time. Remember your handles will end up being the most touched thing in your kitchen so why not give yourself the feeling of quality.


4. Size

Handles come in a variety of sizes and will usually be chosen to suit the size of your drawers, cupboards, or doors. In recent years handle lengths have been inspired by current trends and fashions however as a good rule try to keep the same size handles throughout for consistency.


5. Position

The position of your handles can be open for debate however generally your drawers will be horizontal and the doors vertical. In some cases, you will find a horizontal handle on a door can keep consistency throughout your kitchen and keep a streamline look. If you are unsure on what way to position your handle just ask one of our designers and we can show you the difference – you’ll be surprised at how odd it can feel to open a horizontal handle on a door!


6. Handleless

The simple approach! Handleless kitchens are a popular choice for the Contemporary & Nordic style kitchens. We have a beautiful range of options for anyone wanting this style in their kitchen. There are ways of achieving this look with channel handles hidden behind the door or simply the top of your doors and drawers at a 45° angle. Our designers will be able to discuss the many options available in this category.


Need to see the options and feel the range for yourself? Book an appointment with our design team, they are happy to help guide you in your style choices.