1. Black is effortlessly smart

Black definitely adds drama and looks particularly striking in a kitchen. Effortlessly smart, sleek and elegant, done right it can create an equally cosy feel.  A classic tone that is not likely to date anytime soon.

2. The versatility of black

As a base or feature, black is a highly versatile colour and can blend nicely with most styles. Whether you’re going traditional, or leaning towards contemporary, black always sets a sophisticated tone. Variation in textures like gloss black tiles or matte black materials can add to the modern and sophisticated feel.

3. Soften the dark palette

If you’re concerned that the all-black look might be a bit too bold or overpowering, the trick is to break up the dark tones with lighter finishes in natural wood or softer neutral shades.  Wood and black is a hugely popular combination that creates an on-trend, urban vibe for your kitchen.

4. Black kitchens work best in light spaces

A challenge with a kitchen that features a lot of black is that it can make your space feel smaller and enclosed. The opposite to white and lighter palettes that reflect light and make a space feel larger – black can do the opposite. Spaces that are open with a lot of natural light are better suited to a dark palette. Proper lighting and plenty of it can also help brighten and enhance the dark look.

5. Black kitchen accents

Accents can make a massive difference to any space. If you are not ready for the commitment to go completely black with countertops and cabinets (which are difficult and expensive to change) – Another option is to introduce touches of black with accents such as tapware and accessories.

6. Focus on a feature

Another way to use black in a less dominant way is to introduce it in a selected area and turn this into a feature. A kitchen island is an excellent place to start as well as wall cabinetry or your splashback. Black laminate benchtops are also a popular choice as an effective way to create a designer statement.


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