Over the years thick, chunky benchtops have been the standard, dominating as the popular look. In recent years with technology improving, bench tops are now available in thinner sizes with equal strength and durability. This clean, minimal look is particularly popular and works well with modern and contemporary kitchen styles.

From a design perspective, a thin bench top is more like a frame that creates the shape of the surface and less like a chunky product that’s sitting on top. Finishes like matte black, washed concrete or wood suit this thinner benchtop, creating a sleek and understated look.

Material options to achieve the thin, barely there look include; laminate, engineered stone, Corian, porcelain, bamboo reconstituted stone (Caesarstone) and stainless steel. Another design feature of a thin bench top is the use of a ‘shadow line’, used to separate the benchtop from the cupboard door. The shadow line can be done in a feature colour like black or timber to add another feature element. Otherwise, the benchtop can run across the top of the doors, becoming almost invisible from the front.

Laminate benchtops are an affordable way to achieve a contemporary, elegant stone look compared to engineered stone. The thinner laminate benchtops are also lightweight making handling and install easier.


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