1. Marble Countertops


Marble countertops have been a staple in the style stakes for a few years now, although still reasonably popular we are seeing a shift towards quartz or concrete inspired tones. These work better with a neutral palette and give an organic feel, fitting with the look of the moment.


2. Stainless Steel Appliances


Stainless steel is not only difficult to clean but it can now also date your kitchen. Another popular alternative is black stainless that works well with most modern kitchens.


3. White on White


The all white kitchen has been a long-standing trend however in the last two years there has been a shift towards more depth to the palette. White is still a staple as a clean base however when paired with wood, neutral and more earthy tones and textures you are hitting a look that won’t date. Black and wood is in, as are earthy and minty green hues.


4. Over the counter microwaves


Clean and clutter free spaces are the look to achieve. Making smart choices as simple an under-the-counter microwave allows for better use of exposed spaces higher up in the kitchen.



Style choice are always subjective however, our design team can help you choose timeless designs that won’t date in a hurry! Book in for a free consultation to get inspired.