Knowing where to start with planning your new kitchen and joinery requirements, can be overwhelming. At Nordzco we are all about simplifying the process and helping you make the best design choices. Our design team have come up with a Kitchen System as part of a new range of European-style designer kitchens for the New Zealand market, we have under development. Watch this space! In the meantime here are the 9 critical components to planning a new kitchen, whether it’s for a new build or a renovation.

 1.  Layout Selection

The first consideration to make is what type of layout will be best for your room space. The most popular layouts we supply joinery for in New Zealand include; Island, Peninsula, L-Shape and U-Shape. Kitchens planned around an island layout are by far the most popular for new builds in New Zealand. We guess it goes with our love for kitchens being a social space, ideal for entertaining! Where there is limited space a peninsula layout is useful with the island coming out from a wall (still giving you the benefit of an island). L-Shape layouts maximise use of wall space and open up smaller kitchen spaces. U-shapes are better suited to smaller narrow kitchens (often older homes and renovations), these are functional for small spaces with the benchtop space maximised across two sides of the room. Talk to our design team about your room space and prefered layout ideas and they will advise you on what is best for space/priorities.

2.  Cabinetry Fronts Selection

Choosing the colour and type of materials for your cabinetry is a good place to start to set the tone and style of your kitchen. At Nordzco we work hard to refine our material and colour options to the most popular on-trend styles in New Zealand (and based off European and international trends). So when you look to your Pinterest and Instagram inspiration we can help you find the closest match. Whether that be a neutral white base palette or a bold black to go with wood or something in between, we can help you to achieve your desired look.

3.  Colour Accents

Once you have selected the base colour/material for your cabinetry, you can select a secondary colour accent to complement this. Whether that be a wood-inspired tone to soften your black cabinetry or achieve a classic white and wood look. We have a selection of popular wood tones and materials that are durable and affordable to create feature shelving and colour accents that give a modern and timeless look.

4.  Handles

The right choice of handles can really enhance the look you are going for in your kitchen.   The handless look is still on-trend in New Zealand and provides a clean, fresh feel and definitely exudes simple sophistication. We can apply this to most material selections. If you are wanting to add a more urban look we have a selection of cup handles and simple ornate handles that are also very popular currently. Long slimline handles in silver or black also give a clean, sleek modern look. Let us know what your design inspiration is and we will share a range of options with you.

5.  Benchtops

Now to one of the biggest decisions – the bench top. Choosing the right benchtop for your layout and to blend perfectly with your desired theme and colour palette is a big decision. There is a trend towards thinner barely -there bench tops currently as well as medium weight tops in earthy and natural tones. We have a solid selection of quality options we have carefully curated to help you achieve a modern and timeless look for your budget.

6.  Sinks

Sink selection should be driven from a functional perspective, although we have a range of modern options that fit with current benchtops trends. No one regrets putting in a large double sink that is practical and looks right too! We can help you decide whether an island sink is a good idea for your layout and what materials will match your design aesthetic best.

7. Taps

The right choice of tap can really help to enhance your desired look. We have a range of on-trend gooseneck taps in black, silver and brushed chrome. We also have more traditional modern taps that are sleek and durable.

 8.  Additional Shelving 

Open and exposed shelving is a popular feature in modern kitchens. We have a range of wood-inspired materials that can add easily add this on-trend look to your kitchen. Our shelving is made with strong brackets to hold the weight of kitchen items as well as all your styling touches! We can help you plan out where to best include this feature in your design plans.

9.  Internal Cabinetry

This is not so much a design choice, but an integral part of the ‘bones’ of your kitchen – providing functionality and durability over time. At Nordzco we know the importance of getting the basics right and providing a solid foundation to stand the test of time. Strong internal cabinetry with tough backs and quality edging supports our stylish doors and bench tops. We combine the best of German engineering with hinges and drawer runners, with robust structural cabinetry made here in New Zealand at our production hub.