Our design and production team is currently working hard to refine our materials and modular kitchen range so that they reflect the most current and on-trend kitchen styles in New Zealand.

There is so much inspiration online; Pinterest, Instagram, industry sites, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Our vision is that with our design-led approach to kitchen joinery, we have a curated range of materials and stylish modular kitchen options that allow our clients to bring their vision to life.

We understand the frustration from clients wanting to achieve a look they have found online, only to hear that is not available or achievable in New Zealand. We don’t believe this is an excuse. We are distilling our options down to the most popular materials and styles to match kitchen trends in New Zealand and the emerging trends in Europe, Australia and the US.

These looks can be achieved with affordable modular kitchens made from locally-sourced materials that don’t have to compromise on quality.

We wanted to share some of our research on kitchen design trends, to give an idea of what you can achieve when you partner with us as your joiner and modular kitchen supplier in New Zealand.


7 Top Kitchen Trends in NZ 


1.  Modern minimalism combined with natural elements – Boho Sophistication.


There is a definite movement towards the combination of clean and modern simplicity of smooth modern cabinet frontages combined with accents of natural style and organic textures, for example, open wood shelving, engineered stone benchtops. We love the texture and warmth this brings to simple modern sophistication! We have a number of reclaimed-like wood materials and wood-style laminates that can help you achieve this natural and quality look yet with a durable and hard-wearing finish.


2.  Black and wood kitchens


Black is definitely back, and when softened with complimentary wood-like accents it creates a liveable yet luxe statement in the heart of the home. We have a selection of materials to achieve this aesthetic including quality matte black cabinetry options that are smudge-free and provide a gorgeous smooth finish!

3.  Thin is in, barely there kitchen bench-tops


On-trend at the moment is a real mix of bench tops depths and styles. One that has carried over from 2017 and looks set to stay into 2019 is the look of thin and barely there benchtops.  This can create a timeless and modern look that is clean-lined and elegant.  We have a number of styles and options available to achieve this look with quality and durable materials like engineered stone.


4.  Sage green and light khaki green kitchen cabinetry 


Soft neutral and slightly earthy tones are the colours of the moment. A subtle yet stylish statement colour that you see everywhere is soft sage and khaki green. Combined with the right wood style accents and complementary benchtops it can bring a soft freshness to your kitchen that is completely on-trend.


5. Open shelving and minimal upper cabinetry 


With the increasing popularity of open and exposed kitchen shelving, a lot of people are opting for less upper cabinetry. When you have good storage space elsewhere combined with open shelving features this can create a more open, and modern, clean feel in the kitchen. Our design team can help you with standardised and custom options to achieve this look without compromising on storage space – your pots and pans need somewhere to live!


6. Hardworking kitchen Islands


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is definitely central to this! A trend staple is hard-working and functional islands. We see demand for bigger islands with more features such as including sink, lower display shelving and breakfast (and evening!) bars and table-like extensions. The true heart of a busy home. We have a selection of popular configurations and styles we can adapt for your space.


7. No handles or ornate kitchen handles


Push to open doors and slimmer flat-front panels are a trend that provides a timeless, clean and modern look. There is also, however, an emerging trend towards feature handles. Cup handles in rustic copper and gold accents, oversized designs, as well as beautiful slightly ornate handles, are the timeless trends of the moment. This replaces the standard go-to stainless-steel handles and gives a space instant character.

Find more on-trend inspiration on our Pinterest account: Nordzco Kitchens: