What exactly do we mean when we say we are guided by Nordic Design Principles?…we hear you ask!

As our name suggests we are driven by the perfect fusion of Nordic design principles with local kiwi know-how. Having invested in state-of-the-art European equipment, we knew were in a position to bring modular style production to New Zealand. The market is rapidly moving towards modular and prefabricated solutions in residential and commercial built environments. We wanted to align with these trends and provide innovative solutions that meet changing needs and preferences. You cannot look past Nordic countries when it comes to producing modular solutions, although mass-produced, their kitchens and cabinetry are still aesthetically beautiful and loved by the end-user.

Guided by Nordic design principles, we curate on-trend joinery that is clean and simple. We offer quality materials and New Zealand-made joinery that fit with European-inspired and local design trends that Kiwis love. Our clients usually have their own design vision in mind, however we want to ensure we give them easy to access materials and modular solutions that are stylish and on-trend. 
While our scale and world-class equipment mean we can produce durable, easy-to-install joinery solutions that are affordable and functional.

Six Nordic Principles that Guide our approach to production and design at Nordzco…

1. Consumer Led

Scandinavian production involves promoting designs which are developed according and appropriate to the needs of the consumer. Scandinavian designers pride themselves on creating functional, durable and cost- efficient products, available to the masses. We have adopted this mantra putting the Consumer at the centre of all of our design planning and production processes.

2. Form and Function

If there is any kind of real definition of Scandinavian design style, then it’s based on the idea that functional everyday objects can be beautiful too. At the heart of the principles of Scandinavian design  is prioritising functionality without eliminating style and beauty . Scandinavian design and production is all about beautiful, simple, clean designs, inspired by nature and the northern climate – made accessible and available to all.

3. Less is More

Highly functional, the typical nordic design style is effective without needing heavy elements – only what is needed is used. It is usually minimalist, with clean simple lines – yet striking the right balance between minimalism and having some warmth and character. Pared- back simplicity and understated elegance is the hallmark of Scandinavian design. Unpretentious – simplicity with an understated elegance.

4. Nature & Sustainability

In Scandinavian design there’s always a strong relationship between design elements and nature. The Swedes look to mother nature for their inspiration and have developed a responsive understanding of natural materials that allowed them to use resources sensibly and sparingly. The people in the northern hemisphere don’t experience the warmth and light quite like we do here in New Zealand, so the use of light is very important to them. This is reflected in their homes through the use of light and natural materials, earthy tones and a minimalist albeit aesthetic lifestyle. Scandinavian design principles promote eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Beautiful designs and quality, sustainable products.

5. Affordable & Accessible

Scandinavian design is often referred to as ‘democratic’ design, because of its aim to appeal to the masses through products that are accessible and affordable to all. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to those that are well-of but to all, this is a core theme. Even though the designs were meant for the masses, they were not stripped of all beauty and style.

6. Design-Led Manufacturing.

Modular furniture – is all about achieving a high quality product in the most efficient way. As all the components of the cabinetry are typically manufactured within the one factory, everything is measured and made to fit together perfectly on site. This reduces the risk of human error compromising the end result and also minimises wastage of materials. Modular kit-sets are also very quick to install on site which speeds up the build process. We believe in offering a curated range of on-trend material that can be customised, whilst enjoying the cost benefits of mass production.