1. Decide the Layout

Deciding on what layout to retain (or change) is one of the biggest considerations in the kitchen renovation process. Space, function and integration with appliances and existing plumbing and electrics, all need to be factored into decision-making. Check out our article on How to plan your new kitchen joinery for an outline on the most popular kitchen layouts and their benefits.

2. Just a Facelift

If your current kitchen works well functionally but is tired and dated, consider a ‘facelift’. There are a lot of basic things you can change to make a big difference and add value. Installing a new benchtop provides an instant upgrade. New appliances (stove, hob, extractor) will modernise and add value to your kitchen space. So will changing your cabinetry fronts. Even updating your cupboard handles can make a big difference or replacing the stink or installing new lights. Our design team can guide you on the options for a facelift!

3. Starting Anew

If your vision (and budget) goes beyond just a facelift, then starting anew may be the favoured option. This is where you have to be smart about working within the confines of your existing plumbing and electrics. Think about what does and doesn’t work well for you in your existing kitchen space. Renovating your kitchen is an opportunity to install well-designed kitchen cabinets that eliminate awkward-to-reach spaces and wasted corners. Also, there may be the opportunity to open up the kitchen by removing walls – our project team can provide guidance on this also.

4. Function First

For enthusiastic foodies and busy families alike, the kitchen is the centre of daily life—and a place where function (alongside style) is more important than ever. Think about efficiency – how you actually use the space. You need a set-down space on either side of the cooking area and you need ample preparation space – you will not regret maximising this through your renovation!

5. White Equals Space

White cabinets provide a modernised look in most spaces, especially if you have a small kitchen helping to visually expand the space.  You can also strike a happy medium between the two choices with a white and wood (or imitation) combination. Talk to our design team about their recommendation for your existing kitchen space.

6. Appliances First

It is a good idea to choose your appliances before you plan your cabinetry, so you can be sure they fit.   Plan your space around your existing or new appliances. Take the opportunity to think about practical decisions – Do you want your fridge and dishwasher on display or behind cupboards? Do you need to invest in a larger fridge?

7. Pick a Theme

With a plethora of creative ideas available online, it’s a good idea to pick an overall theme – modern, urban, country chic… decide on a design direction early and plan ahead.  This will help you select materials that tie in together to achieve a cohesive look. Our design team love it if you have some inspiration and ideas to start and can provide you with material options to meet your desired style and budget.


If you are looking for advice or a quote to kick start your kitchen renovation, make an appointment with our talented design team and they will be happy to guide you!